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Nanohour Seminar with Yoshito Tobe

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The Moore Group
Room 3269 Beckman Institute
Jul 20, 2017   2:00 pm  
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Yoshito Tobe, professor emeritus/visiting professor at the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University, will speak about “Adaptable Building Blocks in Two-Dimensional Molecular Self-Assembly at Solution/Solid Interfaces.”

Porous networks formed by molecular self-assembly have attracted a great deal of interest in connection with not only potential applications in tailor-made catalysis and molecular electronics but also fundamental principle of crystallization. For more than a decade we have studied on-surface self-assembly at the liquid/solid interface of a series of triangle building blocks, alkoxy-substituted dehydro annulenes (DBAs), which exhibit remarkable adaptability to many instances thanks to their versatility in synthetic modifications. Our recent efforts are focused on epitaxial multilayer formation and the use of the non-covalent molecular networks as masks for periodical surface modification. After general introduction, the lecture will focus on the on-surface chirality issue followed by enantioselective multilayer formation and surface modification.

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