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CGS Brown Bag Series: Texts, Networks, and Computing: Scaling Up the Analysis of Qualitative Data to Understand Social Structure and Behavior

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Center for Global Studies
International Studies Building 101
Nov 28, 2017   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Jana Diesner, Assistant Professor at the School of Information Sciences (the iSchool), University of Illinois.
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How can we leverage large-scale data analytics to discover patterns of social behavior while also considering social contexts and ethical concerns? In this talk, Dr. Diesner presents her group’s research on bringing together methods from social network analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning with theories from the social sciences and linguistics to find answers to the following problems:

  1. How can we use natural language processing to enhance network data and validate network theories in contemporary settings?
  2. How do limitations of the quality of large-scale data impact research outcomes, and how can we detect and mitigate these limitations?
  3. How can we identify the impact of information products on people beyond using count metrics?
  4. How can we be rule compliant and still innovate when collecting and analyzing human-centered and online data? 
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