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ADSC Seminar: Research progress in ADSC Semantic Analysis of Video project

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Advanced Digital Sciences Center
Coordinated Science Laboratory - Room 301
Dec 12, 2012   4:00 pm  
Indriyati Atmosukarto (Research Scientist at ADSC) and  Tianzhu Zhang (Postdoctoral Fellow at ADSC)
Katie Carr

The 'Semantic Analysis of Video' project at ADSC investigates and develops a computational framework suitable for semantic analysis of complex activities present in video. The current primary application of the techniques developed in this project is sports video analysis, where the goal is to detect important events and activities in sports videos. In this talk we will present the latest version of AutoScout, our prototype for semantic analysis of American football videos clips. We will also present our research progress with respect to action /event recognition and tracking in videos.

Indriyati Atmosukarto is a Research Scientist at ADSC, Singapore. Her research interest includes computer vision, machine learning, and medical image analysis. Prior to joining ADSC, she was a Postdoctoral Senior Fellow at Seattle Children's Research Institute. She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, Seattle. Her dissertation work was on applying computer vision and machine learning techniques to analyze and quantify 3D shapes for similarity-based retrieval and classification for general computer vision and medical applications.

Tianzhu Zhang is a Postdoctoral Fellow at ADSC, Singapore. He received his Bachelor's degree in communications and information technology from Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing in 2006. Then, he obtained his Ph.D. in pattern recognition and intelligent system from the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, in 2011. He does extensive research on computer vision, and multimedia including action recognition, video surveillance, image annotation, image classification, and object tracking.

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