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TSS/SoS Seminar: Zhenqi Huang and Yu Wang, "SMT-Based Controller Synthesis for Linear Dynamical Systems with Adversary"

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Information Trust Institute
2405 Siebel Center
Nov 3, 2015   4:00 pm  
Zhenqi Huang and Yu Wang, University of Illinois
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Information Trust Institute


We present a controller synthesis algorithm for a discrete time reach-avoid problem in the presence of adversaries. Our model of the adversary captures typical malicious attacks envisioned on cyber-physical systems such as sensor spoofing, controller corruption, and actuator intrusion. After formulating the problem in a general setting, we present a sound and complete algorithm for the case with linear dynamics and an adversary with a budget on the total L2-norm of its actions. The algorithm relies on a result from linear control theory that enables us to decompose and precisely compute the reachable states of the system in terms of a symbolic simulation of the adversary-free dynamics and the total uncertainty induced by the adversary. We provide constraint-based synthesis algorithms for synthesizing open-loop and a closed-loop controllers using SMT solvers.

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