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ITI Distinguished Lecture: Marc Dacier: "An Invitation for WINE Testing"

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Information Trust Institute, with sponsorship of Rockwell Collins
1404 Siebel Center
Apr 27, 2011   4:30 pm  
Marc Dacier, Symantec Research Labs
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Information Trust Institute



It is well-known that computer security threats are continuously evolving, but during the last two years, several important wake-up calls have happened. This was the case, for instance, when the outbreaks of the worms Hydraq and Stuxnet made headlines. In this talk, we will look at the security threats landscape and how it is changing. We will show how new application domains, such as social networks and others, are also targeted. Also, very old research topics, such as the detection of malicious insiders, need to be rejuvenated for several reasons.

We claim that to find efficient, acceptable, and usable solutions against these threats, researchers must conduct rigorous empirical research. Unfortunately, very few teams have access to large, real-world,  representative data sets that would enable them to carry out such experimental validation of new ideas.

Symantec Research has built a new environment, named WINE, that aims to address this problem. Without going into detail, we will briefly present the core ideas behind it, what it is made of, and how to get access to it.

WINE stands for "Worldwide Intelligence Network Environment." WINE offers access to sampled data feeds, which are used internally at Symantec. It allows researchers to define reference data sets, for validating new techniques or for conducting empirical studies, and provides the metadata needed for understanding the results. WINE archives these reference data sets in order to facilitate repeatable experiments and to enable meaningful comparisons against the prior art. Moreover, the field data included in WINE will likely provide key insights across a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as software reliability, computer security, machine learning, networking, economics, or visual analytics, to name a few.

More information on WINE is available online:

Reception to follow in the 2nd floor atrium of Siebel.


Marc Dacier, Ph.D., is a Senior Director within Symantec Research Labs. He is in charge of the Collaborative Advanced Research Department (CARD) at Symantec. His team is located in Sophia Antipolis (France), Washington D.C., and Los Angeles (USA). CARD focuses on innovation and development of next-generation technologies. In addition to internal advancements, Dr. Dacier’s team collaborates on joint projects with external government agencies, universities, and businesses that include both long-term studies and short-range improvements that provide immediate benefit to Symantec customers across all business segments and markets.
Prior to joining Symantec, Dr. Dacier taught networking and operational computing security at Eurecom, a graduate school and research centre in communications systems and one of Europe’s most active academic research institutions, especially in the field of network and computer security. In addition to his extensive work in academia, Dr. Dacier was manager of the Global Security Analysis Lab at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory for 7 years. An internationally recognized expert in computer and network security, Dr. Dacier has served on more than 100 program committees of major security and dependability conferences and on the editorial boards of several technical journals. He has co-authored more than 60 papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.
Dr. Dacier holds a Master's degree in Computer Sciences from the Université Catholique de Louvain and a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse.

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