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TSS Seminar: Shari Lawrence Pfleeger: "Cyber Security From 30,000 Feet: The Benefits of Multidisciplinary Research"

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Information Trust Institute
2405 Siebel Center
Mar 7, 2012   4:00 pm  
Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, I3P, Dartmouth College
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Information Trust Institute



Traditionally, cyber security has been studied from a single perspective, often computer science or mathematics. However, in recent years, cyber security problems have been examined from multiple perspectives, adding economics, law, policy, education, psychology, sociology, and anthropology to the mix. In this talk, Pfleeger will discuss several ways in which multidisciplinary cyber security research provides new insights and yields innovative, effective solutions to a wide variety of problems.



Shari Lawrence Pfleeger is Director of Research for the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection at Dartmouth College. She joined the I3P after serving for almost nine years as a senior researcher at the RAND Corporation. Previously, she headed Systems/Software, Inc., a consultancy specializing in software engineering and technology. She has been a developer and maintainer for real-time, business-critical software systems, a principal scientist at MITRE Corporation's Software Engineering Center, and manager of the measurement program at the Contel Technology Center. She has also held several research and teaching positions at universities worldwide.

Shari is well-known for her work in empirical studies of software engineering and is the author of many books and articles, including Analyzing Computer Security (with Charles P. Pfleeger), Security in Computing (4e, with Charles P. Pfleeger), and Software Engineering: Theory and Practice (4e, with Joanne Atlee). She has been associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering and associate editor-in-chief of IEEE Software, and she is currently associate editor-in-chief of IEEE Security & Privacy. Shari has been named repeatedly by the Journal of Systems and Software as one of the world's top software engineering researchers. Shari earned a B.A. in mathematics from Harpur College, an M.A. in mathematics from Penn State, an M.S. in planning from Penn State, and a Ph.D. in information technology and engineering from George Mason University, and was awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters by Binghamton University.

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