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TSS Seminar: Carrie Price: "Advanced Malware Trends and Analysis"

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Information Trust Institute
2405 Siebel Center
Apr 20, 2010   4:00 pm  
Carrie M. Price, Sandia National Laboratories
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Information Trust Institute


This presentation will be a deep dive into the world of reverse engineering malware. We will start with the high-level trends of malware through the past couple of decades and then work our way towards current reverse engineering techniques. In addition to a general overview of the tools involved in the process of reverse engineering malware, we'll do some analysis at the assembly/hex level with a real life malware sample.  Beyond the basics of disassembly, we will also cover binary unpacking and discuss different strategies available to malware to obfuscate or hide its functionality.


Carrie Price, originally from Goshen, IN, graduated from Purdue in 2003 with a BS in Computer Science with Honors and Distinction, along with a minor in Mathematics.  She has spent the past 9 years at Sandia National Laboratories working in various areas of computer security.  In the first years at Sandia she found her passion in binary reverse engineering and decided to get her Master's degree in Computer Security at Carnegie Mellon in 2006, where her thesis work focused on automated binary transformations.  Since graduation, her research has been focusing on malware reverse engineering.

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