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Spring 2024 TED Fellows Project Showcase

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European Union Center
wifi event
May 19, 2024   11:00 am - 12:30 pm  
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Participants of the 2024 TED Fellows program will present on their group projects. This event is open to the public -- everyone is welcome to attend! Please register here

Presentation #1: This presentation by Maria Antónia Brandão (Portugal), Bill Hilt (U.S.), Barbara Furiesi (Italy), Jill Armstrong (U.S.), Valya Galoyan (Armenia), Chryssa Velissariou (Greece), Alina Popa (Romania), Nanette Fandino-Diaz (U.S.), Anne-Sophie Saint-Sulpice (France), and Elizabeta Filipova (North Macedonia) will be focused on methods for engaging students effectively, incorporating strategies like gamification, role play, and interactive activities to enhance the educational experience.

Presentation #2: Jennifer Gruca (U.S.) and Elizabeta Filipova (North Macedonia) will present on a five way global collaboration with monthly themes and student engagement.

Presentation #3: Jelena Osipkova (Lithuania) and Keighan Eaker (U.S.) met during TED 2023 and connected their classrooms through Google Sites and virtual visits to their respective communities. This year they exchanged recipes and connected their students through foods and activities.

Presentation #4: Christina Mesk (U.S.), Mariapia Bianchi (Italy), Silvia Tegner (Italy), Nasiye Yamaç Şahin (Türkiye), Florica Serfezeu (Romania), and Consuelo Johnson (U.S.) will discuss their experience building relationships amongst their classrooms and helping their students think deeply about what learning looks like around the world  

Presentation #5: Georgia Maneta (Greece), Maja Videnovik (North Macedonia), Magdalena Brzezinska (Poland), Karla Golja Milevoj (Croatia), Chryssie Scarlatos (Greece), Melissa Leverett-King (U.S.), Mirko Labbri (Italy), and Inci Yilmaz Simsek (Türkiye) will share a song created with Suno, in which they present their experiences working with AI in the classroom and beyond during the TED Fellows program. The group will also present on a survey of high school students on their use of AI and their views on it.

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