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2019 Transformative Learning Conference

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University of Central Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, OK
Mar 14, 2019 - Mar 15, 2019   8:30 am  

 “The Transformative Learning Conference emerged seven years ago as a venue for UCO faculty to share their experiences, strategies, and challenges of incorporating transformative learning into their courses.  In 2015, the Conference moved off campus and became a national discussion on applied TL.  The following year, international scholars joined the Conference.  In the last several years, around 350 scholars have joined the discussion each year, considering everything from conceptualizing and measuring TL to creating official student records of their transformative education. This year’s conference includes a pre-conference institute, March 13, 2019, for teams of two or more from institutions launching or implementing “Beyond Disciplinary Learning,” which we refer to as “STLR” (Student Transformative Learning Record) at UCO.”

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