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The Life of a Journal Article: Where Does It Go and How Do We Know?, University of Illinois Press Publishing Symposium

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University of Illinois System, Humanities Research Institute, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
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Apr 15, 2021   4:00 pm  
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A panel of the University of Illinois Press Publishing Symposium

It’s one thing to get an article published, and it may seem like that’s where your role as an author stops. However, where your article goes can impact your career long after you crack the spine of the journal issue in which your article is published. The marketing and usage of scholarly journals is an often-overlooked component to the journals publishing process, but it can have a big impact! In this panel, we will talk with the people that know the most about the life cycle of your article and how you can understand its impact. Additionally, we will take a closer look at some of the metrics used to measure impact and ask whether they are useful tools for evaluating scholarship in the humanities.


Moderator: Elizabeth Hess, Journals Marketing Assistant, University of Illinois Press


Laura Hetrick is an Associate Professor of Art Education at UIUC, and co-editor of the journal Visual Arts Research since 2014.

Esra Celtek Coskun is Collections Analyst and Planning Specialist at the University Library, UIUC, with specialties in data analysis, data visualization, and user analytics.

Ahu Yolaç is a Ph.D. candidate in Art Education, UIUC School of Art and Design.




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