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Physics Careers Seminar: "Working in the Semiconductor Industry, Outside of Intel"

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Department of Physics
222 Loomis
Oct 18, 2019   11:00 am  
Dr. Man-Hong Wong, Lam Research
Lance Cooper

Abstract: The UIUC physics department has continuously fed talent to Intel; however, there are many companies in the semiconductor industry that are suitable for physicists. One such company is Lam Research, which is a wafer fabrication equipment manufacturer. In this talk, I will give an overview of Lam Research, describe some of the day-to-day tasks that one might find themselves doing, and give pointers on how to survive in this fast-paced industry. I will also describe how I apply some of the skills I've learned in grad school to my job and share my experience working at Lam Research for close to two years.

Bio: Man-Hong is currently working as a Product Engineer at Lam Research in the Conductor Etch Group where he works on hardware development and customer management. Prior to Lam, Man-Hong received his PhD working with Tai-Chang Chiang, focusing on thin-film grow of topological insulators and studying them using ARPES

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