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Physics Careers Seminar: "Computer technology industry: adventures, opportunities and outlook from a physicist's perspective"

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Department of Physics
204 Loomis Lab (Interaction Room)
May 3, 2019   11:00 am  
Dr. Olabode Sule, Research Software Engineer, Scotty Labs
Lance Cooper

Abstract: I will go over some aspects of the computer technology industry that are relevant to getting a job in it as a physicist. I will relate things as much as possible to my experience in the industry. In particular I will discuss some pre-requisites and strategies for acing software engineering and data science/machine learning interviews. Along the way I will touch on some of the exciting opportunities in cutting edge industries like self driving cars/robotics, blockchain and quantum computing.

Bio: Came to US for college from Nigeria in 2005. Always been interested in Math and Physics, so studied both in college and graduate school. During PhD at UIUC, worked on aspects of topological phases of condensed matter. Supervised by Shinsei Ryu. Defended in 2015. Worked as a risk modeler in Goldman Sachs 2016-2017. Currently work as full stack deep learning engineer at Scotty Labs since 2017.

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