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Physics Careers Seminar: "A Career in Trading for Students in Physics"

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Dept. of Physics
204 Loomis (Interaction Room)
Sep 21, 2017   11:00 am  
Michael Vilim, IMC Financial Markets
Lance Cooper

Abstract: Ever wondered if there is some pattern or underlying structure to be found in the seemingly random movements of the stock market? Or why it is that certain traders seem to be able to make money, whilst others are only able to break-even or lose money? Can it really be only luck, or is there some skill to it? How can mathematics and modeling be used to decipher this complex world of business and finance?

In this presentation I will explain the exciting possibilities for a career in trading for graduates or PhDs in Physics and why a degree in Physics offers such a great starting point for a role in trading. I will talk about what trading is and what financial markets look like these days, and I will discuss the role of technology in financial markets. I'll leave plenty of time for Q&A, so come prepared with your best questions.

Bio: Michael has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics from UIUC. He graduated in 2013 and has been working with IMC since that time. His focus is on market making strategy algorithms, options pricing, and data analysis.

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