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Physics Careers Seminar: "Teaching at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution"

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Department of Physics
276 Loomis (note special location!)
Nov 6, 2017   10:00 am  
Dr. Janet Sheung, Vassar College, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Lance Cooper

Abstract: Do you enjoy working with students? Are you interested in pursuing an academic career that is more teaching-focused? I will share, from my recent experiences, information which I wish I knew before first entering the academic job market. This includes what it is like to work in a small undergraduate-only department, the differences in expectations and roles associated with adjunct, visiting, and tenure-track positions, and details about the interview process. My current position received just over 100 applications, of which about 80 did not survive past the initial skim. Though each department is different, some traits are desired by every single department I’ve Skyped with (N = 5). I will discuss what these are, why they are, and what is that elusive "good fit" people keep talking about. Lastly, for those of you who still have some time before entering the job market, I will go over the experiences I had during my time at University of Illinois which were most beneficial.

Bio: Janet is Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Vassar College, where she is currently teaching, involving an undergrad in research, and participating in curriculum development. She received her PhD from U of I Physics in May 2017.

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