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Physics Careers Seminar: "Peer Review Meets Analytics"

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Dept. of Physics
204 Loomis (Interaction Room)
Oct 6, 2017   11:00 am  
Dr. Manolis Antonoyiannakis, Associate Editor, Physical Review B and Bibliostatistics Analyst, APS
Lance Cooper

Abstract: In my 14 years as an editor in the Physical Review journals, the scientific publishing landscape has changed dramatically: Many more journals have been launched; open access is upon us; impact metrics have proliferated (although everyone loves to hate the impact factor); megajournals have emerged; social media and online tools have altered how research is being communicated and discovered; and experimentation with open, double-blind, post-publication or even no peer review has come to pass… while the production of papers continues to increase exponentially. Since “more is different,” the job of an editor could not remain unaffected by these developments, even though at its core—to provide substantive and efficient peer review to manuscripts—it remains the same. I will discuss my experience as an APS editor, and how my job has evolved to include data analysis, bibliometrics, and statistics. I will also touch upon two related activities I have had experience with, namely, science policy and textbook publishing.

Bio: Manolis Antonoyiannakis is an Associate Editor at Physical Review B, and a Bibliostatistics Analyst at the American Physical Society. He is also an Adjunct Associate Research Scientist at the Department of Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics at Columbia University. He received his Master's from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his PhD from Imperial College London. His editorial experience in the Physical Review journals (PRB, PRL, and PRX) stimulated his interest in statistical, sociological, and historical aspects of peer review, but also in scientometrics and information science. He is currently developing tools to analyze scientific publishing and enhance research assessment. From 2008-2010 he served as Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Research Council. The textbook “An Introduction to Quantum Physics,” which he co-edited, is being published in 2017 by Wiley.

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