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Physics Careers Seminar: "Outlook on Jobs in Data Science and Where Physicists Add Value"

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Department of Physics
204 Loomis (Interaction Room)
Feb 27, 2020   11:00 am  
Dr. Srinidhi Ramamurthy, Senior Data Scientist, Uplift Inc.
Lance Cooper

Abstract: I will offer a high level taxonomy of data science/machine learning jobs that are currently regularly advertised in industry. This will be followed by a pro/con approach to working at a small/large company based on my personal experience of working at a startup. I will end the talk with my opinion on where I think physicists add value in industry (outside of any specialization like data science) and what to look for to achieve job satisfaction.

Bio: Srinidhi Ramamurthy is a Senior Data Scientist in the Risk and Lending Division at Uplift Inc where he helps develop models which inform Uplift's credit, pricing and operational risk. Prior to Uplift Inc, Srinidhi was a condensed matter theory student at University of Illinois and worked with Prof. Taylor L. Hughes.

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