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SGRF Workshop and Reception

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Levis Faculty Center
Feb 9, 2024   1:00  
Originating Calendar
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)

Join CLACS and our Summer Graduate Research Fellows (2023) for their research presentations. After the workshop, CLACS will host a reception. 

Please refer to the program below.

Panel 1: Latin America in Global Contexts (Room 208) 

1:00 pm | Erin Gahimer (Education) - Sojourns to the South: US Student Experiences with Social Justice in the Global South

1:20 pm | David Kwok Kwan Tsoi (Anthropology) - Traffic of Chineseness in Modern Latin America: Examining the Identity of a Chinese Peruvian (Tusan) in Lima under the One Belt Road initiative 

1:40 pm | Eunyoung Yang (Spanish and Portuguese) - Re-examining 17-19th Century Asian Diasporas in Mexico through maritime archives of the Pacific Ocean 

2:00 pm | Leonardo Ventura (History)- Toward a Space in the Universities, Black Institutions, History and Culture

2: 20 pm | Daniela Morales (Urban and Regional Planning) - Contesting Environmental Assessment Systems: Grassroots strategies against colonial legacies and neoliberal frameworks 

2:40 pm – Discussant Kasia Szremski (CLACS) 

Panel 2: Subaltern Identities (Room 208) 

3:00 pm | Margie Giacalone (Anthropology) - Cuir Politics of Care and Worldbuilding in Bolivia 

3:20 pm | Sergio Mora Moreno (Spanish and Portuguese) - Towards the construction of a corpus of trans textualities in Colombia: an exploratory study 

3:40 pm | Lorena Fabian Alarcon (Spanish and Portuguese) - Spanish and Indigenous Language Assessment in Andean Juju, Argentina 

4:00 pm | Stephanie Perez (Institute of Communication Research) - Finding Intersections of Transnational Mediated Girlhoods in Guatemala 

4:20 pm | Sara Elena Castro Cantu (Spanish and Portuguese) - Using the Theory of Ecology of Pressures to Understand Language Shift in Mexican Indigenous Communities 

4:40 pm - Discussant Elizabeth Velasquez (Latino/Latina Studies)

Panel 3: Development in Latin America (Room 108) 

1:00 pm |  Ana Maria Valderrama (Landscape Architecture )- In Situ-In Vivo: Latin American Decolonial Collective Practices of Design

1:20 pm |  Jorge Rojas Alverez (Institute of Communication Research)- Cultural Imaginaries in ACPO Information Service Design

1:40 pm | Ana Laura Selzer (Kinesiology) - Long-term impacts of the Dona Francisca Health Studies, a community-based research project 

2:00 pm | Cintia Freitas (Urban and Regional Planning/CLACS) - Environmental Policy in the City of Rio de Janeiro: Global Discourse and Local Impact  

2:20 pm | Julia de Souza Campo (Urban and Regional Planning) - Assessing Minha Casa Minha Vida housing policy from a racial justice and equity perspective 

2:40 pm | discussant Mary Arends Kuenning (Agriculture and Consumer Education) 

Panel 4: Resistance, Reconciliation and the aftermaths of State Violence and Repression (Room 108) 

3:00 pm | Gerson Morales (Spanish and Portuguese) - Performing Culture from the Shadows of the Guatemalan Civil War 

3:20 pm | Michelle Patino (Anthropology) - Materializing Creating Expression in the Cuban Context 

3:40 pm | Daniela Delgado Ramos (Informatics) - Technological Mediation of Interpersonal Trust in Colombia 

4:00 pm | Grazzia Grimaldi (Anthropology)- Clandestine Intimacies of Violence: Gang Criminalization, family and the carceral state in postwar El Salvador 

4:20 pm | Larissa Migotto (Political Science) – Affective Polarization in the Brazilian Context 

4:40 pm – Discussant Erik McDuffie (Center for African Studies/African American Studies/History)

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