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Webinar with Salome Heyworth

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107 DRES
Apr 3, 2018   12:30 - 2:30 pm  
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Topics that will be discussed include:

Lions and Tigers and Bears...how should the increasingly out of control animal question be addressed?

Faculty Behavior...how should institutions manage faculty behavior that is arguably unfair or discriminatory, as well as, behabior which is overly paternalistic?

Parental Involvement...is it possible to limit the participation of parents in the accommodation process?

Controlling Third Parties...what should an institution's practices be regarding procurement, clinical placement and standardized testing?

Negotiating with Federal Enforcement Agencies...is there really a way to exercise control during the investigative or resolution agreement process? 

Please submit any questions up to 24 hours ahead of webinar - send to Patricia Malik (pmalik@illinois.edu) if you have any.

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