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ISE Corporate Info Session - Synchrony

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The Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
114 Transportation Building
Apr 13, 2023   6:30 - 7:30 pm  
Julie Murphy
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Gordon Goodwin is a decorated Army Combat Veteran, security focused Information Technology (IT) professional, and leader with over 24 years of both professional experience and expertise in many areas of IT. A Vice President that leads the US segment of a Joint Operations Security Center for a large financial corporation. Additionally, proudly serving as an Information Protection Signal Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard.

Some high level and highlighted career responsibilities are advanced analysis of events and incidents, threat hunting, researching Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) or Indicators of Compromise (IOC), incident response, penetration tests (pen tests), risk assessments, and security audits. Possess a broad knowledge of IT, cyber security, system administration, and networking methodologies. Studied construction engineering at Purdue University and computer science at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS).  

He is always up for a challenge, quickly adapts, and excels under stress and adversity. Currently holds 15 industry standard certificates. A lifelong learner, hunts for professional challenges, and strives to give back to the security community.

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