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SE 290 - Chris Stiegal

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Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
151 Loomis
Nov 10, 2022   11:00 - 11:50 am  
Julie Murphy
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Chris Stiegal is a Vice President at First Analysis Securities advising and investing in emerging growth-staged technology companies. Chris has successfully executed and advised on over $3 billion worth of transactions (M&A / growth capital raises) for companies of all stages, ranging from early-stage start-ups to companies worth over $250 million, and across a variety of industries such as Internet of Things, Enterprise Productivity Tech, HR Tech, Healthcare Tech, eCommerce, among other tech sub-verticals.

Prior to joining First Analysis, he was a 2x entrepreneur in the construction and technology sectors. Chris started his construction company by knocking on doors and after having success (also after hundreds of doors slammed in his face), he ventured into the tech sector and co-founded, Wigit, a peer-to-peer rental platform that enabled college students to rent goods to one another. A few years later, he brought the business into integration with Brevvie, a SaaS platform to rent anything, and currently serves as an Advisor to the leadership team.

Reflecting on his young 10-year career as an entrepreneur/investor/advisor, Chris has much to learn as he will forever be a sponge; however, what he has learned about scaling businesses: it requires a hyper-focus on institutionalizing processes & systems, consistency in strategy and determination, and staying positive when the insecure people bring you down. Be happy, be present, and enjoy every second of the journey.

Chris graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016. While there he had the privilege, honor, and opportunity to eat two full fat sandwiches in <15 minutes, frequently engaged in dance-offs at Brother’s (sadly no longer there), and bench pressed at the Grand Canyon on a SB trip (you’ll have to ask about this). Chris is from Wheaton and lives in downtown Chicago with his wife, Diana.

Interests: biking, swimming, crypto, entrepreneurship, Jeeps, boating, cooking, tropical house, meditation, most things… it’s hard not to pique my interest.

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