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Carl Sandburg: Music of the People, Voice of the People

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The Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the CU Folk & Roots Festival, the University of Illinois Department of English, and the Urbana Free Library.
Urbana Free Library, Busey-Mills Reading Room
Nov 3, 2012   3:00 - 5:00 pm  
free admission
Marten Stromberg
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Carl Sandburg dedicates his American Songbag to the "Unknown Singers": the people who lived and died, having sung, but who are now unsung. They live on through the tradition they carried and passed along. Not only did Carl Sandburg collect and record the music of the people, the unknown people, he also dedicated himself to speaking to them and to speaking for their cause. He wanted to unite common men to work toward their mutual benefit. Early in his career, before the Chicago Poems propelled him to greater recognition, Carl Sandburg worked as a lecturer and activist, always with the people as his cause and concern. In this event, we hope to celebrate the music that Carl Sandburg collected, the speeches he gave, and, of course, the poems he wrote. As part of the Champaign-Urbana Folk & Roots Festival, please join us to celebrate Carl Sandburg and the unknown people he championed throughout his life and work.

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