Atmospheric sciences colloquia

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Seminar coordinator for AY 2022-2023 is Professor Zhuo Wang,

Seminar: Professor Xiangdong Zhang

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Dr. Zhuo Wang
1 NOYES-Room 100
Apr 19, 2022   3:30 pm  

Cyclones in the Rapidly Changing Arctic Climate System

The Arctic climate system has experienced rapid changes during recent decades, including the amplified surface/lower troposphere warming, and drastically shrunk sea ice extent and thinned sea ice thickness. Superimposed on these long-term changes, intense cyclones have more frequently occurred. At the same time, extreme sea ice loss and warming events have also been observed, along with or following these intense cyclones. To understand the changes in the cyclones and its role in the Arctic climate, we analyzed cyclones in reanalysis dataset and air-ice-sea interactions during a cyclone process with in-situ observations. We found that cyclone-driven heat and moisture transport plays an essential role in winter extreme warming event. Although the surface gains an overall energy budget, our detailed analysis suggested that cyclone-driven Ekman-upwelling of the Pacific-origin warm water predominantly contributes to an increase in sea ice melt. High-resolution model simulation of an Arctic cyclone also indicates that lower stratosphere/tropopause vortex decisively intensifies the cyclone and maintains its intensity over an extended long time.

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