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Women in Tech: Ada Lovelace

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Research Park
EnterpriseWorks Atrium
Oct 9, 2018   8:00 - 9:30 am  

Agile: A Framework, a Lifestyle, a Therapy- How Using Your Diversity Serves Teams

Kate Key dives into one of the most popular frameworks in development today and we’ll discuss how unique experiences and backgrounds can serve Agile roles, especially that of Scrum Master. There are many specific skills that come in handy when operating as a Scrum Master and we will explore how the role impacts teams directly and how the role is currently changing in today’s world. If you have ever wanted to use your unique background to improve team delivery, dynamics, and morale without paying for a team therapist, some of these shared experiences may help with that goal.

Kate Key is an agile enthusiast, business owner, and the master of “how to have the most random careers before the age of 30.” Her eclectic background includes working with medical and financial industries helping teams work smarter. Dedicated to servant leadership, Kate is focused on building self-organizing teams while tackling complex business problems. She has served multiple roles within Agile organizations and currently serves multiple roles within Capital One. In addition to supporting agile teams, Kate is heavily involved in Agile Community of Practices and works towards removing silos in organizations. Kate is also passionate about travel, photography, and continuing education.

Kate graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2008 and has been with Capital One since August of 2017. Previously, she worked at a Fortune 500 dental software company in a wide variety of roles. She is an inventor, business owner, and teacher.

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