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Heidegger reading group

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Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
3150 FLB, Slavic library
Sep 16, 2022   7:00 pm  
Anna Sayers
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This semester Anna Sayers (Grad, Slavic) will be hosting a reading group on the thought of Martin Heidegger by studying a selection of his works on and around poetry. By the mid-1930s Heidegger came to see poetry as one of the most fundamental issues of Western thought, as well as the way out of aesthetics and Modernity. As influential as it is provocative, Heidegger’s thought has influenced most of the thinkers since him, from Foucault to Tillich, de Man to de Beauvoir, and prepared the ground for entire fields of critical thought (e.g. deconstruction, posthumanism). This is in no small part due to his radical readings of the history of Western philosophy, so the reading group should be interesting not only for students of literature and contemporary and Modern thought, but also for anyone interested in any period (or the entirety of) Western philosophy.

          If you are interested, please text or email Anna, at for additional details on the schedule and readings.

Tentative Reading Schedule.

Weeks 1 (Sep. 5-11)-4: Nietzsche, Vol. I: The Will to Power as Art
Week 5: The Question Concerning Technics (typically translated as “technology”) Week 6: The Age of the World Picture
Weeks 7-8: What Is Called Thinking? Part I
Week 9: What Are Poets For?
Week 10: The Thing
Weeks 11-12: The Origin of the Work of Art
Week 13: The Turning & The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking
Week 14: Finals Week, optional meeting

Recommended Readings: Thomson, Heidegger, Art, and Postmodernity; other Heidegger texts with titles that strike your eye (Everything he wrote is in dialogue with everything else he wrote, and his titles don’t lead you astray).

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