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Professor Eszter Boros, University of Wisconsin, “Catch and Release: Manipulating the Chemistry of Radioactive Metal Ions to Develop the Next Generation of (Radio)Metal-based Medicines.” (I)

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Inorganic Chemistry
Chem Annex 1024
Nov 14, 2023   3:30 pm  
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Chemistry - Inorganic/Materials Chemistry Seminars

Abstract: Stable and radioactive metal ions possess attractive properties for biomedical imaging and therapy. Our lab applies a cross-disciplinary approach that combines physical inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, chemical biology and preclinical imaging to transform aqua ions into tools for non-invasive diagnostic imaging, optical probes for image-guided surgical resection and targeted radiotherapy of cancers. I will discuss 1) strategies to stabilize hydrolytic, radioactive metal ions as mononuclear coordination complexes for targeted imaging and 2) photochemical/thermally activated isotope capture and release systems for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals.

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