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CHBE 565 Seminar, Prof. Michael Tsapatsis, Johns Hopkins University (Su), "Manufacturing of Metal-Organic Framework Membranes "

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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and International Paper Company
116 Roger Adams Laboratory
Mar 21, 2023   2:00 pm  
Christine Bowser
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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering - Seminars and Events

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) hold promise as separation membranes due to their tunable permeation properties enabled by the structural diversity stemming from the plethora of available metal/organic linker combinations. Although relatively rapid progress for highly selective MOF membranes has been achieved, reliable and scalable thin film processing remains a challenge. In this talk, I will discuss synthesis and post-synthesis modification methods we have been developing based on vapor phase processing and use of electron-beam-, X-ray- and plasma-induced modifications. These methods establish a new materials processing paradigm with potential uses beyond thin film separation membranes.

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Chemical Communications 60, 9316-9320 (2021) Miao Y., Lee D.T., Dornelles de Mello M., Abdel-Rahman M., Corkery P., Boscoboinik J.A., Fairbrother D.H., Tsapatsis M. Electron Beam Induced Modification of ZIF-8 Membrane Permeation Properties

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