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NSF CAREER Proposal Workshop hosted by Tandy Warnow

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Tandy Warnow
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Jun 25, 2021   1:00 - 2:00 pm  
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Computer Science Department Events Calendar

Dear colleagues,

I’ll be holding a one-hour workshop for assistant professors in the CS department to work on an NSF CAREER proposal. If you are thinking you might want to do a CAREER proposal this year, please consider attending. The deadline for the CAREER proposal submission is July 26, 2021, so it’s quite soon.

If you wish to attend to give advice,  or to offer to help read drafts, that would also be great.   This is especially useful if you recently got a CAREER award!Thanks, Tandy

(P.S. You can also see this announcement, plus slides from last year and some similar information, at

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