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Tanaka Talk: How Do Sources of Discrimination Affect Political Participation?

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Department of Asian American Studies
AAS Conference Room, 1208 W Nevada St, Urbana
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Apr 22, 2024   12:00 pm  

The pandemic has fueled a surge in anti-Asian prejudice and xenophobia across the United States since its onset in 2020. While the immediate health concerns of COVID-19 appear to be abating, the lingering social repercussions stemming from anti-Asian sentiments remain starkly evident. Concurrently, recent reports unveil that the voter turnout rates of Asian Americans in the past two general elections have reached new highs. Prior research indicates that individuals’ political participation can be influenced disparately by various forms of discrimination, be it political or societal. Hence, this study endeavors to explore whether such dynamics also manifest within the Asian American community and which form of discrimination wields a more profound impact. The study aims to understand the experiences and behaviors of Asian Americans, while providing insights into how distinct forms of discrimination can shape their political participation. 

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