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AE 590 Seminar: Aviation's Grand Challenge: Disrupting technologies for an environmentally sustainable future

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Department of Aerospace Engineering
CIF 2035
Oct 3, 2022   4:00 - 5:00 pm  
Gökçin Çınar | Assistant Professor Department of Aerospace Engineering | College of Engineering | University of Michigan
Courtney McLearin

About the speaker:

The global aviation industry was responsible for 915 million tons of human-induced carbon dioxide emissions in 2019, which, not surprisingly, was the year with the highest demand for air transportation in history. About 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from aviation today, and with more passengers and flights expected as the population expands, aviation could be producing three to five times more carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic.

ICAO established long-term aspirational goals, which include 2% annual fuel efficiency improvement and eventually cutting net carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2050 compared with 2005 levels. To meet these aggressive goals, we need a mix of radical and disruptive technologies. Today, decarbonization is the aviation industry's grand challenge: how do we get away from fossil fuels that we have been relying on since the dawn of aviation? Is true decarbonization even possible? What about the other harmful emissions? Can the future of flight be more environmentally sustainable?

As the Integrated Design of Environmentally-friendly Aerospace Systems Laboratory (IDEAS Lab) at the University of Michigan, our goal is to answer these questions through quantitative, system-level, and life-cycle assessments for future aircraft concepts. In this talk, I will give an overview of the most promising technologies to meet aviation's net-zero emission goals. I will emphasize the importance of systems thinking in integrating novel technologies in the aircraft design process, and provide examples for the design space exploration and multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization of electrified aircraft.


About the speaker:

Dr. Gökçin Çınar is an assistant professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan. She is the Principal Investigator of the Integrated Design of Environmentally-friendly Aerospace Systems (IDEAS) Lab. Her research interests include aerospace systems design, integration, and optimization with a special focus on electrified aircraft and sustainable aviation concepts. In her research, she utilizes model-based engineering along with probabilistic and statistical methods to analyze, understand and design the complex system behavior of an aerospace vehicle.

Before her role at Michigan, Gökçin worked as a Research Engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she oversaw a range of government- and industry-funded research projects on revolutionary aircraft technologies. She holds Master’s. And Ph.D. degrees in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech, and a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the Middle East Technical University.

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