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CSL PhD Thesis Award: "Acoustics in the Age of IoT: Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats"

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Coordinated Science Lab
CSL Auditorium (B02)
Oct 28, 2019   3:00 pm  
Nirupam Roy, Assistant Professor in Computer Science, University of Maryland
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Microphones are everywhere, and they are growing at a rapid speed. Their presence in every mobile phone, as the core sensor, has already made them ubiquitous. However, their renewed proliferation is not due to this traditional usage, rather because of the recent surge in diverse applications based on acoustic sensing. Prof. Roy's research focuses on developing hardware-software building blocks that enable new capabilities for this emerging future. In this talk, Prof. Roy will sample some of his recent projects. The topics will range from inaudible acoustics for security/privacy applications to on-body acoustic communication and wearable acoustic sensors. He will conclude this talk with a glimpse of his future projects targeting a stronger convergence of sensing, computing, and communications in tomorrow's IoT, cyber-physical systems, and healthcare technologies. A reception will follow in CSL 301.

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