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Water technologies by interface engineering

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Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering
190 Engineering Sciences Building
Jan 29, 2019   3:00 pm  
Dr. Seth B. Darling, Director of the Institute of Molecular Engineering at Argonne National Laboratory, The University of Chicago
Lindsey Henson
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Driven by climate change, population growth, development, urbanization, and other factors, water crises represent the greatest global risk in the coming decades.  Advances in materials represent a powerful tool to address many of these challenges.  Understanding—and ultimately controlling—interfaces between materials and water are pivotal.  In this presentation, Dr. Darling will lay out the challenges and present several examples of work in his group based on materials science strategies for addressing applications in water.  In each instance, manipulation of interfacial properties provides novel functionality, ranging from selective transport to energy transduction to pollution mitigation.



About the Speaker


Seth B. Darling is the Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering at Argonne National Laboratory, which is a joint institute with the University of Chicago, and a Scientist in the Chemical Sciences & Engineering Division. He also serves as the Director of the Advanced Materials for Energy-Water Systems Energy Frontier Research Center. His group’s research centers around molecular engineering with a particular emphasis on advanced materials for water treatment and renewable energy. He has published over 100 scientific articles, holds several patents, is a co-author of popular books on water and on debunking climate skeptic myths, and lectures widely on topics related to energy, water, and climate.

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