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Deadline: Two Sigma PhD Fellowship

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University of Illinois
Oct 21, 2021   All Day
Hannah Gorrie

The Two Sigma PhD Fellowship supports doctoral students pursuing a PhD in a STEM field such as Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Finance/Econometrics at an accredited university in the United States. Applications are assessed based on the student’s research proposal, publications and recommendation letters.

  • Fellowship recipients will receive an award for two consecutive Academic years (not to exceed $75,000 USD per Academic year) to cover tuition and fees plus a stipend for living expenses, in the form of an unrestricted gift paid directly to the university. 

  • Fellowship recipients will also receive a one-time award of $10,000 USD paid to the Fellowship recipient directly, which, as a condition of the fellowship, may only be used for tuition, fees required to enroll at or attend their university, and books, supplies, equipment and course-related fees for courses at their university.

  • A Two Sigma Research Mentor will be assigned to the Fellowship recipient.

Two Sigma is interested in the following computer science topics:

  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Deep learning
  • Reinforcement learning

  • Natural language processing

  • Computer vision

  • Robotics

  • Computational biology 


  • Applicants must be full-time students currently pursuing a PhD at an accredited university in the United States.

  • Students must be in at least their 3rd year of a PhD program when the Fellowship begins (fall semester or quarter 2022). 

  • Two Sigma employees, contractors/consultants & relatives are not eligible.

  • Students that are already supported by another industry fellowship are not eligible.

The department can nominate up to 3 PhD students. Their goal is essentially to sponsor outstanding research in STEM fields and therefore establish a long lasting partnership between Faculty, students, and Two Sigma.

Please submit applications via Blackbaud by Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 11:59 PM. Contact Hannah Gorrie with any questions.

For more details, see:

link for robots only