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Interaction of a submerged elastic plate with surface gravity waves for wave energy harvesting and coastal protection

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Mechanical Science and Engineering
3100 Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building
Feb 15, 2024   4:00 pm  
Gatien Polly, PhD
Amy Rumsey


Wave-structure interaction is a rich field with crucial application interests, such as coastal protection or electricity production through wave energy conversion. This talk will focus on the specific case of a submerged elastic plate, attached at its leading edge, and forced by water waves. This device, considered as a potential wave energy converter, has been extensively studied for uniform flows or in a still fluid. However, the effect of wave-induced forcing on a submerged elastic plate remains little studied.

The interaction between water waves and a submerged elastic plate will first be presented from an experimental perspective. The utilized wave tank measures 2 meters by 12 centimeters. It is considerably smaller than the experimental facilities used in the majority of wave-structure interaction studies. This reduced size allows for the use of different experimental methods and the acquisition of additional information. From those observations, it emerges that submerged elastic plates can be efficient to reflect water waves.

Results obtained experimentally will be compared with numerical simulations based on linear wave theory, showing a relatively good agreement. Potential causes of discrepancy will then be discussed using PIV experiments. Those experiments highlight the presence of dissipative phenomena, notably due to the creation of a jet at the trailing edge of the plate.

 About the Speaker 

Gatien Polly did his Ph.D. at the PMMH lab at the ESPCI in Paris, France where he studied wave- structure interaction working with Alexis Mérigaud, Benjamin Thiria and Ramiro Godoy-Diana. During his Ph.D., he mainly focused on wave interaction with submerged elastic plates but he also investigated the wake of swimming snake or forces exerted on buoys in a wave field.

Host: Professor Leonardo Chamorro


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