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Illinois Language and Linguistics Society (ILLS) Conference, "Language Across the Lifespan"

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REEEC; European Union Center; Beckman Institute; Center for Advanced Study; Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences; School of Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics; Student Sustainability Committee; Department of Anthropology; Department of Communication; Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures; Department of English; Department of French & Italian; Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures; Department of Linguistics; Department of Psychology; Second Language Acquisition & Teacher Education; Department of Spanish & Portuguese
4th Floor, Illini Union (1401 W. Green St., Urbana, IL 61801)
Feb 28, 2020 - Feb 29, 2020   All Day
The conference is open to the public but attendees must register. This is no registration fee for UIUC affiliates but non-UIUC attendees must pay a registration fee. People can register beforehand online (link below) or in person during the conference in Illini Union Room 405. Early registration deadline is Friday, Feb. 21, 5 p.m. Costs: Registration for 1-Day Pass: $20 Early Registration for Non-UIUC Students: $40 Registration for Non-Students: $60
Chelsey Norman
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8 am - Registration opens, Room 405


8:45 am - Opening remarks by Professor James Yoon, Head, UI Dept. of Linguistics


9-10 am - Plenary talk by Silvina Montrul, Professor of Linguistics, and Spanish & Portuguese, UI


10-10:20 am - coffee break, Room 404


10-10:50 am - Room 407: Patricia McDonough, Indiana University: "Seventy years of Thangal: Language change and preservation in a Northeast Indian tribe"


10:55 – 11:25 - Room 407: Jeonghwa Cho, University of Michigan: "A Corpus Study of Agreement Errors in L2 Writing: The Effect of Language Background"

Room 405: Alicia Brown University of Arizona: "Present Tense variation and grammaticalization in southern Arizona: How far has the progressive progressed?"


11:30 – 12:00 - Room 407: Shannon Yee, Wayne State University: "Does a nouns-bias in children’s vocabulary acquisition exist across languages of the world?"

Room 405: Tetiana Tytko Ohio University: "Suicide Markers in Online Communication: A case Study of Grad Student's Writing"


12:05 – 12:35 - Room 407: Eugenie Mainake, Southern Illinois University: "Non-Native English Speaker's Attitude toward Accent-Shift: A Case Study of Indonesian Students in the U.S."

Room 405: Xiaolong Lu, University of Arizona: "A Study on the Diminutive Word tsa42 in the Xianning Dialect"


--LUNCH BREAK, 12:35-2 p.m.--


2:00 – 2:30 - Room 407: Joshua Linden, Wayne State University: "Contrastive Focus Capitalization: Nonstandard Usages of Capital Letters in Web-based English and their Capital-I Implications"

Room 405: Kelly Bayas, Pennsylvania State University: "The role of L2 learner metalinguistic knowledge on the learning of the English resultative perfect"


2:35 – 3:05 - Room 407: Pouya Vakili and Reda Mohammad, Illinois State University: "Identity between Promotion and Demotion: A corpus-based Analysis of Identity Markers in Research Articles"

Room 405: Elizabeth Lozano, UIUC: "Attachment and Language Use in Donor-Conceived Adults Self-Narratives"


3:05 – 3:25       Coffee break


3:25 – 3:55 - Room 407: Jack Dempsey, Marissa Barlaz, and Kiel Christianson, UIUC: "Using Principal Component Analysis to Simplify Eye-Tracking Models: A Meta-Analysis Proposal"

Room 405: Hizniye Isabella Boga, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen: "What is a Language? What is a Dialect? - Distinguishing between Close and Distant Romance (dialectal) Varieties"


4:00 – 4:30 - Room 407: Robin Turner, UIUC: "Linguistic Constructions of Agency in the Grassroots Political Movement"


4:30 – 4:40       Coffee break


4:40 – 5:40 - Room 407 - Plenary Talk by Norma Mendoza-Denton (UCLA)



8:00 - Room 405        Registration Opens


9:00 – 10:00 - Room 407 - Plenary talk by Michele Diaz (Pennsylvania State University): "Neural and behavioral age-related differences in language production"


10:00 – 10:20   Coffee break


10:20 – 10:50 - Room 407: Delaney Wilson, Alison Gabriele, and Robert Fiorentino, Kansas University: "The role of morphology and individual differences in the processing of regular and irregular verbs by native English speakers"


10:55 – 11:25 - Room 407: Tricia Thrasher, UIUC: "‘I felt more at ease’: How social virtual reality impacts L2 French learners’ anxiety and oral production"

Room 404: Seyyed Hatam Tamimi Sad and Ronnie Wilbur, Purdue University: "Comparing the syntax of spoken and signed language: Declaratives, interrogatives and negation in Arabic and an Iranian homesign"


11:30 – 12:30 - Room 406: POSTER SESSION


1.       David Abugaber-Bowman, University of Illinois at Chicago: "Thinking (about grammar), fast and slow: Exploring per-learner variability via analysis methods from cognitive psychology"


2.      Mashael Algana, Michigan State University: "The intersection between Identity, Investment, and Socialization: A Case Study of an ESL Female Saudi Learner"


3.      Maaly Al Omary, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: "Mechanism of Verbal Morphology among Heritage Arabic Children in the US"


4.      Tomoko Oyama, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: "Effects of Discourse-Level Instruction on the Use of L2 English Present Perfect in Research Reports"


5.      Susanne Pawlikowski, Northeastern Illinois University: "A Female President, now!: A multimodal discourse analysis of Kamala Harris’s presidential announcement"


6.      Daniel Puthawala, The Ohio State University: "Controlling for Incremental Parsing Effects with Rapid Serial Visual Presentation"


7.   Anna Romaniuk, University of Kentucky: "Droga Pani Ministro: Feminine Professional Titles at Opposite Poles of the Formality Register"


8.      Patrick Skeels, University of California, Davis: "The Dynamics of Disagreement"


12:30 – 2:00    Lunch (on your own)


2:00 – 2:30 - Room 407: Rachel Kimnach, UIUC: "Is German Sign Language (DGS) linguistically related to American Sign Language? (ASL): Evidence from YouTube Video Data using phonological analysis of sign production"

Room 404: Minhee Kim, University of Wisconsin-Madison: "On the Role of Topic and Methodology: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Linguistic Variation in Research Articles"


2:35 – 3:05 - Room 407: Charlotte Vanhecke, University of Wisconsin-Madison: "Stylistic and real-time dimensions of glottalization in Wisconsin English"

Room 404: Difei (Lynn) Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison: "Flipping Those Pages, Swiping That Screen: A corpus-based analysis of the digital transformation of the news register"


4:00 – 4:30 - Room 407: Maria Heath, University of Minnesota: "No Need to Yell: A prosodic analysis of writing in all caps"

Room 404: Hamideh Sadat Bagherzadeh, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: "The Acquisition of Persian Heritage Language as an Independent Variety in the US"


4:30 – 4:40       Coffee break


4:40 – 5:40 - Room 407 - Plenary talk by Laura Colantoni (University of Toronto): "Acquisition of intonation: are children similar to adults?"

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