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Total Dictation/Тотальный Диктант

Event Type
Social/Informal Event
Rooms 1064 and 1066, Lincoln Hall (702 S. Wright St., Urbana, Il 61801)
Apr 14, 2018   3:00 pm  
Free and open to the public.
Grigori Sigalv
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Russian, E. European & Eurasian Center: Co-sponsored Events

Total Dictation (Тотальный диктант), a yearly worldwide Russian literacy test, will be offered in Urbana-Champaign for the 4th time.


The goal of Total Dictation is to give you a chance to test your Russian listening, comprehension, and handwriting skills, brush up on your grammar knowledge, and rekindle your interest in learning and using a literary Russian language.


Date and time: 3 pm on Saturday, April 14 (please come a few minutes early; the test starts at 3pm sharp and takes about 1 hour)

Location: UIUC campus, Lincoln Hall, rooms 1064 and 1066.


Total Dictation has been held once a year since 2004, originating as a local event at Novosibirsk University, Russia, and growing by 2017 into a worldwide fest of Russian language with some 200,000 participants from 866 cities of 71 countries. Some of the most renowned Russian writers provided original texts to be used for the test, and many famous public figures from movie stars to pop musicians served as live narrators (jokingly called 'dictators') at various test locations. Total Dictation is given on the same day all over the world. For those who are on the move that day, Total Dictation has been held in some unusual locations such as ships on the high seas, planes in flight, and even the International Space Station. The test is organized completely by volunteers. 


Taking the test is free. We ask you to notify us at if you plan to come so that we can print enough materials, but you are welcome to come whether or not you signed up in advance. Please bring along your children or parents, whichever applies to you; spread the word to your friends who study or speak Russian and encourage them to come along! The test is open to adults and children who can read and write in Russian at least to some extent. The test has two sections, one for native or advanced Russian speakers and the other (called TruD) for beginners and younger children. You are free to choose which test to take. 


Your graded paper will be returned to you within a couple of weeks after the test. Don't worry about your grade. The Russian language is one of the most difficult world languages, so even well educated native speakers make mistakes. Your grade will be made known to you only. 


More information can be found at and


To better prepare for the test, check out the free lessons at The most recent lessons will remind you of the grammar that's likely to be helpful on the test this year. 

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