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Georgi Pirinski

Conversation with Former MEP Georgi Pirinski (Bulgarian Socialist Party)

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European Union Center
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Mar 31, 2021   12:00 pm  
Georgi Pirinski (Bulgarian politician and Former Member of the European Parliament)
Free and open to the public.
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Please join the EU Center on Wednesday, March 31st, at 12 PM CDT for a moderated conversation with Georgi Pirinski, Bulgarian politician and Former Member of the European Parliament. A current member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Mr. Pirinski has expertise in progressive governance and social security and sovereignty. For some background reading, please see here for an article by Mr. Pirinski titled "The Foundation of a Sovereign Europe." 


This event is part of a series of conversations with Former Members of the European Parliament about the negotiation of “European” values such as democracy, human rights, tolerance, green initiatives, and social policies. Each conversation will focus on “cases” of past projects, legislation, initiatives, or crises that the Former MEP found particularly rewarding, vexing, or enlightening for understanding the negotiation of European unity and the role that the multi-national institution of the European Parliament has played in it. Moderated by EU Center Associate Director Jonathan Larson, these conversations are open to the public as part of the meetings of a new EU Center course, “The Everyday Making of the European Parliament and Parliamentarians.” 


See below for the full schedule of conversations with Former MEPs. 

Register here:

Georgi Pirinski 

31 March 12.00-13.00 CDT (U.S.) / 19.00-20.00 CEST (Europe) 


Rory Palmer

14 April 12.00-13.00 CDT (U.S.) / 19.00-20.00 CEST (Europe) 

Eugen Freund (session conducted jointly with students from the University of Vienna) 

28 April 12.00-13.00 CDT (U.S.) / 19.00-20.00 CEST (Europe) 

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