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Joint TSS/ACC Seminar: Atul Bohara and Uttam Thakore, "Intrusion Detection in Enterprise Systems by Combining and Clustering Diverse Monitor Data"

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Information Trust Institute
Coordinated Science Laboratory Auditorium (B02)
Apr 5, 2016   4:00 pm  
Atul Bohara and Uttam Thakore, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Intrusion detection using multiple security devices has received much attention recently. The large volume of information generated by these tools, however, increases the burden on both computing resources and security administrators. Moreover, attack detection does not improve as expected if these tools work without any coordination.

In our work, we propose a simple method to join information generated by security monitors with diverse data formats. We present a novel intrusion detection technique that uses unsupervised clustering algorithms to identify malicious behavior within large volumes of diverse security monitor data. First, we extract a set of features from network-level and host-level security logs that aid in detecting malicious host behavior and flooding-based network attacks in an enterprise network system. We then apply clustering algorithms to the separate and joined logs and use statistical tools to identify anomalous usage behaviors captured by the logs. We evaluate our approach on an enterprise network data set, which contains network and host activity logs. Our approach correctly identifies and prioritizes anomalous behaviors in the logs by their likelihood of maliciousness. By combining network and host logs, we are able to detect malicious behavior that cannot be detected by either log alone.



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