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Brown Bag: “Process Matters: Understanding the Successes and Challenges of a Scientific Collaboration Based in the United States and Benin"

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Center for African Studies
101 ISB; 910 S. Fifth St.; Champaign
Dec 5, 2018   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Anne Namastsi Lutomia, , College of Education, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership― Human Resource Development, UIUC
Free and open to the public.
Terri Gitler
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New patterns of scientific collaboration are now emerging such that scientists in advanced and emerging economies link with those in less developed economies, often based in the Global South. This is possible due to digital libraries, reduction of communication costs due to technology development, cross-fertilization of disciplines, and the rise of virtual organizations. Collaborations between the Global North and Global South manifest through activities ranging from technical assistance to collaborative research partnerships. Scientific collaborations are shaped by social norms of practice, the structure of knowledge, and the technological infrastructure of the scientific discipline. However, there is little research that demonstrates an understanding of practices situated in international scientific collaboration. The purpose of this qualitative single case study is to increase the understanding of collaborative practices between scientific organizations based in the United States and Benin. Online and in-person semi-structured interviews will be carried out with individual members of both organizations. Appreciative Inquiry technique will be applied during the interviews. Open-coding system will be used to analyze participants’ responses. Additionally, Atlas TI Software will be used to analyze the content of the collected data and identify patterns and ideas relevant to the study.

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