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CS CARES Office Hours: Tianyin Xu

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Illinois Computer Science
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Jan 20, 2022   10:00 - 11:00 am  
Tianyin Xu
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Computer Science CS CARES Office Hours

Meeting Password: CSCARES


During CS CARES Office Hours, CS Community Members (students, faculty, and staff) are welcome to confidentially meet with CS CARES committee members to discuss their experiences in the CS department. The role of CARES is to serve as a resource consisting of members of our community who are approachable and willing to listen to and help people who are concerned about or experience a potential violation of the Code. The committee members can be a sounding board for such concerns and can provide advice on next steps to address the concerns. Such steps may range from a conversation among all parties (possibly informally mediated by CARES members) to a report filed to the appropriate department or university committee seeking an official action or response. At the request of the complainant and if appropriate, a CARES committee member may serve as an advocate on behalf of the complainant, including filing necessary reports and attending hearings with the complainant or on their behalf. 


Click here to learn more about CS CARES.



All ZOOM meetings are confidential- to ensure anonymity, participants will be placed in an anonymous waiting room and let into the meeting by the CS CARES committee member leading the office hours. Meetings are not recorded, and meeting participants will only be known to the committee member holding the office hour and the organizer of the office hour (Jancie Harris, BPC Coordinator), who will keep all meeting participant lists confidential.


Committee members are held to the highest standards of conduct and discretion. They must abide by all pertinent rules of the University of Illinois and of Title IX.  All concerns brought to CARES members are treated with utmost confidentiality outside of CARES, unless permitted by the person raising the concern. By default, all concerns are conveyed to the CARES chair and the vice-chair, who use their discretion and determination of conflicts of interest to determine a (preferably minimal) subset of the committee with whom to share the concern. The community member raising the concern may explicitly request that it not be shared with certain members of the CARES committee.


Click here to learn more about the CS CARES Committee, Standards of Ethics, Confidentiality, and Conflicts of Interest.


For general inquiries about the CS CARES Committee (scheduling, issues with accessing office hours, non-confidential inquiries), please contact Jancie Harris.


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