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ECE Explorations (200): Magna | Driving Tomorrow: Exploring Modern Automotive Technologies

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1002 Grainger Auditorium, ECEB
Nov 1, 2023   5:00 pm  
Nikhil Parlapalli, Sr Software Engineer at Magna
Kat Darr | Office of Advancement
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Illinois ECE Explorations

Presentation Title:  Driving Tomorrow: Exploring Modern Automotive Technologies

Brief Abstract:  Vehicles are becoming “computers on wheels.” Let us delve into a few challenging problems being solved in the vehicle production pipeline. We shall talk about advanced manufacturing techniques driven by Artificial Intelligence. We'll dissect the electrical and electronics architectures shaping contemporary vehicles, offering a nuanced understanding of automotive innovations, and lastly, we will examine the integration of automated driving technologies in both consumer vehicles and delivery bots.

Speaker:  Nikhil Parlapalli, Sr Software Engineer

Biography:  With an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a master's in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech, I specialize in the intersection of hardware and software. My journey spans from writing application software on very low-powered embedded devices to working on the Level 2 features on the first Assisted Driving enabled Ford F150. Transitioning to Level 3 autonomous driving in Magna R&D, I currently focus on vision applications and high-speed networking for future vehicle architectures. Outside the tech realm, I indulge in amateur photography, electronics tinkering and travelling.

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