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Biological Physics (iPoLS) Seminar: Eric Morgan (UIUC) "Science Communication and the Importance of Culture"

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Physics Department
3269 Beckman Institute (3rd floor tower room).
Mar 24, 2023   2:00 pm  
Eric Morgan
Sharlene Denos
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Physics - Biological Physics / iPoLS / STC-QCB Seminar

Organizations such as the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine as well as the National Science Foundation have called for investigations into how to communicate science more effectively. Science communication encompasses a broad range of activities ranging from sharing the excitement of scientific findings to increasing knowledge and understanding of science in specific contexts, to engaging diverse communities in developing scientific initiatives.  Communicating science is a complex process that must take into consideration multiple factors such as the complex nature of scientific information, the way individual’s process complex information, as well as the external factors that impact people’s everyday lives. By centering culture within science communication, we attend specifically to those factors that impact how people understand and act on scientific information. Effective science communication is that which ultimately engages diverse groups in a scientific dialogue that increases the appreciation of science as a useful framework for navigating the modern world. Culture is key to this effectiveness. This presentation will accomplish four goals: 1) a brief discussion of some of the problems with communicating science, 2) a discussion of current practices, 3) the importance of centering culture within science communication as a way to increase effectiveness, and 4) a discussion of the various workshops that will be offered as a part of the STC QCB Center’s initiatives.

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