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Special Seminar: Fernando Jeronimo, "Expansion, Codes and Optimization at the Frontiers"

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Illinois Computer Science
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Feb 9, 2023   1:00 pm  
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Computer Science Special Seminar Series


Expanders are highly connected, but sparse graphs. By combining these opposing properties, they found a plethora of applications both in theory and in practice. Codes are objects that enable the protection of data against corruptions thereby being instrumental in communication and storage. Optimization underlies much of our understanding of efficient computation. Despite the fundamental nature of these areas, much is either being discovered or yet to be discovered. In this talk, we will discuss how synergistic interactions among expansion, codes and optimization led to recent progress on our understanding of almost optimal codes and almost optimal expanders. We will also mention future directions along these frontiers.

Fernando Granha Jeronimo is a postdoctoral member at IAS in Avi Wigderson's group. He received a Ph.D. from UChicago where he was advised by Madhur Tulsiani. He is broadly interested in theoretical computer science having a stronger focus on expanders, coding theory and optimization together with the interactions among these areas.

Faculty Host: Ruta Mehta

Meeting ID: 876 7949 2138; Password: csillinois

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