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NCSA Cybersecurity and Networking Talk: "Learning Security's First Principles with the Super Mario Bros"

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1030 NCSA
Sep 11, 2019   12:00 pm  
Scott Russell, Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research
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College of Engineering, Engineering Update

Despite cybersecurity's critical importance to the modern world, the basics are often unclear (sometimes even to people with key cybersecurity responsibilities). Cybersecurity practitioners are overwhelmed with compliance checklists and managing the latest vulnerability, and the general public's perception is that everything is insecure, and there's nothing we can do about it. But this doesn't have to be the case!

In this talk, we will be introducing the Information Security Practice Principles (ISPPs), a product of the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (IU CACR). Developed by an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, researchers, and security experts, the Principles are designed to help security and non-security people communicate and think critically about security. By removing the technical jargon and focusing on security fundamentals, the Principles equip you to confront any security problem. To prove this point, we'll be using the Principles to analyze one of the world's most pressing security challenges: protecting Princess Peach from those dastardly Super Mario Bros!

Lunch will be served; please arrive 15 minutes early if you plan to eat. The talk will also be streamed at

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