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Prelaw 101: Session 2

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Pre-Law Advising Services
Nov 10, 2021   5:00 pm  
Pre-Law Advising Services

The Prelaw 101 Workshop series is designed for current UIUC students exploring an interest in law school and a legal career.  The series includes two sessions: 

  • Session 1:  Is law school for you?  In this session we will look at the legal profession, including what lawyers really do and where they work, and also look at the law school experience. Participants should get a clearer idea of whether law school, and practicing law, is something they are interested in. 
  • Session 2:  How to prepare for law school?  In this session we will look at strategies for preparing for law school.  First, we will examine the academic and personal qualities that law schools are looking for in their applicants. Then we will look at suggested timelines, recommended activities, and priorities as you prepare for applying to law school.  Finally, we will briefly look at the application process itself, including how to prepare for and take the LSAT.

Individual Pre-Law 1-On-1 Appointments: Freshman and Sophomore students should complete the Pre-Law 101 workshop series prior to scheduling a first-time individual advising appointment (Pre-Law 1-On-1). 

The Pre-Law 101 workshop series will be offered monthly through the Fall semester.  Sessions may be completed at any time, however, we do recommend completing Session 1 prior to attending Session 2.

The registration deadline for Session 1 is November 9 at 11:59 pm.

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