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Linguistics Seminar Series - Presentation by Aida Talić, PhD

Event Type
phonology, syntax
Linguistics Department
FLB 1080, Lucy Ellis Lounge
Sep 18, 2017   4:00 - 5:00 pm  
Aida Talić
Chase Adams

"Spelling out enclitics in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and giving their tone a voice"


Of the presentation, Aida has this to say:

[Abstract] In this talk I explore Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS) enclitics focusing on a previously unexplored phenomenon of High-tone spreading (HTS) from enclitics onto their hosts.

I show that there is a three-way split between BCS enclitics in this respect: (i) enclitics that always interact with the accent of their host; (ii) enclitics that interact with the accent of their host in some contexts, but not in others; (iii) and enclitics that never interact with the accent of their host. The paradigm to be discussed bears on the question of what aspects of syntactic structure condition phonological processes and how syntactic locality is reflected in the prosodic structure. It is shown that this rather complex pattern can be accounted for in its entirety by a condition on prosodic incorporation of enclitics that holds at the point when syntactic structure is mapped to prosodic structure, which essentially requires the clitic and the host to be in the same spell-out domain (e.g. Chomsky 2000) in order for the clitic to incorporate into the prosodic word of its host, a prerequisite for the clitic to interact with the accent of its host.

I also discuss certain idiosyncratic phonological properties of the auxiliary clitic je ‘be.3sg’ and the particle se ‘self’ that cause reordering of enclitics in PF. It is shown that this PF movement can have an effect on whether a clitic is spelled out in the same domain as its host, which in turn affects the prosodic interaction between the two. Based on the prosodic interaction of enclitics with the accent of their host, I argue for a phase-based approach to prosodic structure building (see also Dobashi 2003; Kahnemuyipour 2004, 2009; Kratzer and Selkirk 2007; Sato 2012; Sato and Dobashi 2016; among others). 

Aida Talić recently received her PhD in Linguistics at the University of Connecticut. She is now a Visiting Assistant Professor in Syntax at UIUC. 

Her CV can be found at her website

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