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Patti Vasquez - LOL UIS Comedy Series

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UIS Performing Arts Center
UIS Performing Arts Center
Nov 23, 2019   8:00 pm  
$15 in advance; $20 day of show
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Sangamon Auditorium

Funny happens.

And it always happens when comedian Patti Vasquez is around. You don’t have to take our word for it either. Lewis Black says, “Patti is simply marvelous.” Bill Maher called her, “The funniest woman in comedy since Carol Burnett.”

Patti Vasquez is a comedian, writer, actor, and talk show host who always loves finding the funny moments in life.

Patti set out to share her hilarious observations about how people behave, the crazy situations found in various odd jobs, and stories about her second generation Irish dad and Mexican immigrant mom.

Most recently, Patti has been touring with her solo show “Rhymes with Duck”, delighting audiences with her tales about balancing career and family. She tackles social issues with a cheerful edginess that appeals to audiences of all backgrounds. Her hilarious take on the foibles of the human experience keeps people coming back to see what she has to say about relationships, pop culture and random encounters with strangers who have no idea she’s cataloging their ridiculous behavior to share with audiences all over the world.

If you want to be where the funny is then you want to be there when “Patti Happens.”

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