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"Power, Politics, HIV: 'RED RED RED' Film Screening and Discussion"

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ECCE Speaker Series and LGBTQA Resource Office
Brookens Auditorium
Oct 22, 2012   6:00 pm  
Dr. Richard Gilman-Opalsky and Dr. Michael J. Murphy
Free and open to the public
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RED RED RED  is a personal and political film about a law in Iowa that severely limits the liberties of people with HIV. The film considers big questions like the contemporary state of queer politics, the dimensions of an identity for HIV-positive persons, and how it is that a local convenience store chain came to be called Kum N Go.

The Fall 2012 Political art and the Public Sphere series is dedicated to raising social, cultural, and political questions related to HIV, particularly how the disease has been treated as an affliction of a despised sexuality, and how different communities have been impacted by and addressed the problem.

This series of films marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery and naming of the HIV virus (1982-2012). In 2010 the United Nations estimated that some 30 million people globally have died of complications related to AIDS; 1.5-2.0 million more die every year.

Dr. Richard Gilman-Opalsky hosts a series of events called Political Art and the Public Sphere (PAPS).  The idea behind PAPS is to consider how political art raises provocative social and political questions, and to engage in discussion with students, faculty, and members of the general public.

Students must attend both the film AND the discussion to receive credit for this event.

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