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"To Unmake a Fold" Gallery Exhibition

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Visual Arts Gallery
Health & Science Building, Room 201
Jan 30, 2020   11:00 am - 6:00 pm  
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Visual Arts Events

"To Unmake a Fold" is one of two synchronous exhibitions featuring works from Mark Blanchard, Cass Davis, bena foli, and Kelly Kristin Jones. The companion exhibition, "Tracing Faults," will take place at Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC) in Chicago, Illinois. Both exhibitions are cureated by Jeff Robinson, who works as HATCH curatorial resident at CAC and as Director of the UIS Visual Arts Gallery. 


In geology, faults and folds refer to tectonic activities that result from immense stress and pressure below the Earth's surface. These environmental tensions trigger groundbreaking events that reshape the visible landscape. As joint exhibitions, "Tracing Faults" (and) "To Unmake a Fold" use these seismic actions as an analogy for the social, cultural, and political rifts that permeate our present human condition, and consider how these quandries prompt opportunities for collective renewal and redemption. 

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