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TCIPG Seminar: Jason Larsen: "CyberSecurity of Field Equipment of SCADA"

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Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) Center
NCSA auditorium
Nov 2, 2012   1:00 pm  
Jason Larsen, Idaho National Lab
Originating Calendar
Information Trust Institute

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Abstract: There are a number of new technologies and techniques designed to secure field equipment. Most of them haven't been implemented in the real world. This presentation covers the techniques likely to be applied by attackers against field equipment and some of the practical solutions being developed.

Biography: Jason Larsen is a sought after speaker in the cyber of critical infrastructure. He has spent most of the last ten years at the Idaho National Labs with a few side trips, including writing an IPS, a couple of years on the Win7 penetration testing team, and some radiation modeling. Jason specializes in the deeply technical aspects of cyber security and has been accused of trying to rewrite every known utility from scratch.

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