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Innovative Approaches to Commercialize Technologies: From R&D to Launch

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Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
1 Hazelwood Dr. in Champaign (metered and bike parking available and yellow bus stops one block away)
Nov 5, 2019   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Amar Anumakonda - Technology Commercialization Executive, Amarican Innovations, LLC
If you are unable to attend the seminar in person, you can register for the webinar.
Elizabeth Meschewski
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Abstract: Innovation is an integral component that spurs growth in business and in the broader economy. For a product or technology that is based on innovative ideas originating either in academic research or in corporate R&D, the key to a successful and sustainable launch in marketplace depends on nurturing and encouraging an innovative mindset. This means extending the innovative spirit from the technical front to market front: by identifying and adapting technology to market opportunities. The hallmark of a successful company is to achieve strategic alignment between its core competencies and the innovative power of its employees, and with a thorough understanding of the market needs, offer innovative solutions. Exciting new products and new markets are created when technology development matches market need and creates a sustainable market value. The seminar will discuss how innovation can spawn and grow in academic research as well as in corporate environments through examples covering four aspects of commercializing Innovation:

  • Innovations in R&D: Breakthrough in Nanotechnology Research
  • Innovations in New Product Launch: Miniaturizing Hydrogen Refinery
  • Business Processes Innovations: Beyond Kaizen and Six Sigma
  • Innovative Business Models: Creating Value by Leveraging Supply Chains.


Note: The presenter will be at ISTC in person. While a live broadcast online will be available for this seminar, there will be no recording available after the seminar.



Amar Anumakonda is a Chemical Engineer with a Bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and M.S and Ph.D., from Purdue University in 1993. In R&D roles at AlliedSignal and Honeywell, he developed technology in the areas of CO2 removal for International Space Station, Membrane technology for industrial gas separation, Thin Film Nanotechnology and Hydrocarbon Processing for Fuel Cells. In 2000, Amar obtained his MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Combining business and technical strengths, he held roles in managing R&D, new product development, and new business development. His career highlights include launch of new inkjet and laser printers, membrane-based Ethanol Dehydration systems, and spearheading commercialization of biofuels and bio-chemicals. Amar holds 6 US Patents and he invented and brought to commercial production Honeywell Renewable Jet Fuel®, Bioreactors for Waste-Water purification, Bio-Based Natural Inks for print in food packaging and Molded Fiber based packaging products derived from agricultural and forestry wastes. Linked In Profile:

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